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Finding the best reseller hosting reseller options.


When wanting to set up a reseller hosting plan to run your design business from , make sure you research the companys out there to make sure your with someone really offering true 24/7 support. You will need to make sure your budget is a very reasonable one as well when getting started. I would start with a company like Hostoople that offers plans starting at 7.95 per month and up. There are numerous companys to look at . But i would choose the one previously mentioned. They offer true 24/7 support by phone, emails,tickets and chat. They have been around for a few years and the founders have a long background in the business.

I see more and more designers are getting smaller reseller hosting accounts to run there business from so they can make extra money every month on top of there design business. I would also make sure there is a free domain reseller account to up sell your clients domains when they need them. Most places charge around 11-15 dollars per year for domains.  Once you find the provider you want, you will need to choose a best reseller web hosting and get set up. Most resellers offer free whm/cpanel now. Then you will need to choose a cool domain to use on your web hosting host account. Then ask them which site builder you should use to build your new site.

I would also start a small marketing budget as well to get some rankings coming in to get your first customers. It is important to market in forums, places of business owners will go to that need webhosting products. As you grow put your money back into the business so you can keep growing. This is not an easy quick business to gain money from, takes long term work and great support for your customers.  I have been in this business for a long time and see people start and quit right away from doing this business . Takes time to build this up , be patient and keep investing or you will not succeed in this business. As time goes on you will see your hard work pay off and your revenue grow. If you have capital i would maybe join wht and see whos selling there customers as well to build your income stream faster.

If you need any help reach out to communitys to ask questions and see who will help you. Most smaller guys will provide advice for you to gain friends, and get there own name out in the market more. Good luck with your new business.









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